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I took my five year old here to get his haircut and had a terrible experience. He has longer hair than most boys his age, entering the salon with the portion to the back of his neck/shoulders, with his overall cut not quite touching his shoulders. I requested the stylist keep the same shape and please give us a simple 1 - 1 1/2 inch trim; I even specifically pointed to how short the back of his hair was anticipated to be. Within 1-2 minutes, I notice that she has cut a layer (his hair is mostly one length) approximately half way up his head. I panicked, but calmly instructed her that we really were not anticipating that much of a cut and requested she please not go any shorter than this. She responds, "oh, okay" and continues to cut - She continued to cut in the same area on his head that I told her was entirely too short/thin! I tried to allow her to proceed, but after a few more seconds it was clear that she still was not understanding so I stopped her again, at which point she asked an assistant manager to help (she actually ended up taking over). The assistant manager seemed more knowledgable and was understanding that this was not at all what had requested; however, at this point the damage had been done and he literally has a haircut similar to what you would see on a grown man. She did assist with the texture problems that were noted and large chunks that had been removed. Basically, her only option was to "clean up" what the other stylist had already done. My child was extraordinarily still and cooperative, but SOMEHOW this stylist then manages to nick my child's ear - to the point that we had difficulty getting the bleeding to stop! We had to hold pressure for at least 2 minutes before it finally slowed! She was apologetic, but at this point the damage was done - my child was very unhappy with the way his hair looked, as was I. Of course, I will love my child no matter how his hair looks, but it is extremely upsetting to know he left not only traumatized from being INJURED but traumatized and unhappy with his own self image. We will NOT be back, although I will admit staff were apologetic and did not charge us, but at this point the damage was irreversible.

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